Is photography “flat, soulless and stupid”?

Guardian Arts journalist Jonathan Jones became the target of the global photographic community’s rage when he published a piece in The Guardian expressing his view that photography displayed in galleries is “flat, soulless and stupid“.

Jones could have surely come up with a less trolling headline and although he gives photography some praise, many have read his intent as being broadly anti-photography, hoping to restrict photographs to an efficient method of conveying information rather than acknowledging that photographs can be art.

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Fringe Benefits – Melbourne’s Urban Sprawl

During the 1970s, I was young. Unsatisfied with youth alone, I was also smaller than my present dimensions suggest. When one is small, regardless of age, distances seem more vast and common things seem more big. Everyday things: wardrobes, most objects manufactured by Fisher & Paykel, the packaging they are shipped in…just massive.

iain Maclachlan:' The Vanishing
iain Maclachlan:’ The Vanishing
Arax 60, Portra 400

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urbanlight zine #1: Mr Hoddle’s Opus

The first urbanlight zine “Mr Hoddle’s Opus” is out.

The zine is my photographic nod to all the people involved in the establishment of Melbourne’s grid of streets and lanes and is specifically dedicated to the work of Robert Hoddle.

The Hoddle Grid is a silent but significant contributor to any artistic representations of Melbourne. The Grid defines the character of the light we all make use of when creating a photograph. We all owe Robert Hoddle and all those who have maintained the spirit of his original plan for Melbourne a great deal.

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Night Pinhole Shoot

The Melbourne Silver Mine has been commissioned by the folks at White Night Melbourne to help document this year’s event via a series of long exposure photographs.

The idea behind the MSM’s Exposure project is to use long exposure and pinhole photography to produce a unique photographic record of the event.

I’m very much looking forward to being a part of this project. in a rare moment of artistic pre-planning and forethought Lea and I took our light meters, stop watches and handy dandy notebooks into the city on Saturday night to test gear and assess practicalities.

Flinders Street Station from St Paul’s – 120 Second exposure

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Whole Roll Project: Matthew Joseph – Bessa L + 15mm + finger

Matthew Joseph has developed quite a reputation for wide angle photographic landscapery. He wasn’t always a slick ‘every shot’s a winner’ exponent of this photographic genre however. In this edition of the Whole Roll Project he shares his first ever Super Wide Angle roll, shot with a 15mm lens strapped to a Voigtlander Bessa L.


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